Round About 9


April 2006


Height: 50 cm
Diameter of Base: 22 cm


Reflective space heater, number 9 stencil, metal vegetable strainer 


For this "lamp/clock" Round About 9, the light is hidden behind the face of the clock (see similar approach with the lamp Reflections in Aqua ). The reflective aspect of round reflector serves to highlight the colors painted onto the light socket. This is quite evident, even without the light of the flash from the camera "shining it", with the colors and color shapes changing depending upon one's orientation to the composition. Although quite simple in design, this creation is a good example of my current focus related to the creative build a sculpture that is independently interesting, absorbing, often whimsical (i.e. even if it weren't a lamp). At the same time, to "play with" light in inviting ways (using shadows, reflection, filtering, etc.), that go beyond the more common objective of filling (sometimes bombarding) a room with light, and using the sculture as the "target" of illumination. Like most of the lamps on this site, Eclipsico is a "one off", made from materials that are not easily found, and a design that is not easily duplicated.