Assemblage light art sculpture made from a old radio, miniature perfume bottles, porcelain busts, semi erotic photos, and a kinetic (moving) hand.
Assemblage light art sculpture consisting of a scientific instrument made of plexiglas, paper and wood with holes illuminated with LEDs from behind, refracted light created by lined plexiglas, and circles of old French checks which cover the holes.
Assemblage light art sculpture made from a silver trumpet, a musical disc from a mechanical player, an oil can, top of a salt shaker, illuminated within a copper concave dish.
Assemblage light art sculpture made from brass faucets turned upside down attached to a metal rake which is held upright by some unknown farm instrument.

Assemblage light art sculpture made from brass and copper pieces and art deco glass. The brass and copper pieces include a faucet turned upside down, a musical instrument bell, and a pan from a balance scale.
Assemblage light art sculpture made from brass, wood, glass, and paper. Brass pieces include a drum and a musical instrument bell. Wood is part of violin. Glass is art deco perfume bottle. Paper is handwritten musical notation.
Assemblage light art sculpture which incorporates two visual focal points. At the top is a clock with an Art Nouveau face. At the bottom is an infinity mirror with glass beads and LEDs. The structure which holds the two together was a marble clock.
Assemblage light art sculpture consisting of an early 19th century painting, a portrait of a Frenchman.  It includes brass letters, brass buttons, plexiglas, antique hanger, and taxidermed duck at the top. It is illuminated with LEDs from 4 sides.

Assemblage light art sculpture made from an old glass washboard. This sculpture acts almost as a "light painting" with plexiglass, lenticular plastic, and LEDs placed in back.  The glass which refracts the light and the appearance of these components.
Assemblage light art sculpture made from a radio antenna, 19th century French checks, plexiglas rod, hair combs,  and colored LEDs. Light from the LEDs is refracted through plexiglas pieces, before it is projected from behind to the front of the 3 checks.


Assemblage light art sculpture from the bells of two saxophones, a chrome reflector dish, LEDs, and plexiglass rods. The color appears from the reflection of the illuminated plexiglass rods in the dish. Rods and LEDs are hidden from viewer.
Assemblage light art sculpture created from a cast iron French art Nouveau base, what was originally a space heater. In the concave dish in the center is added lenticular plastic, B&W X-rays, and LEDs which light the sculpture from behind.


Assemblage art sculpture that is not light based. It consists of a red cast iron based that seems to be some kind of old French fire hydrant. Also included are lenses from binoculars, part of a trumpet, a large black feather, horseback riding attachment.