sleepy time down south

Sleepy Time Down South


Nov 2006


Height: 73 cm
Diameter of Base: 25 cm


Trumpet, art nouveau base, 1950's glass globe, brass weight for balance scale, music box


This tired little trumpet was rescued from the brass bin of the recycling yard in Grenoble, France before it was melted down. Its patina matched well with the art nouveau base, which inspired me to combine these two pieces and transform them into a lamp. Adding the music box was an afterthought, but works well, within context. To explain, the trumpet, which has long lost its ability to play music has regained a functional status of a different sort, that of providing light. Adding the music box allowed it to regain aspects of its musical function as well. This might be a metaphor for old age - the right to a dignified survival, an ability to contribute in new and imaginative ways, and the help we sometimes need to maintain the state of our original purpose. 

This creation was donated to the Zimmer Children's Museum in Los Angeles as part of the Art of Harmony exhibition, and to raise money for the museum, it was sold at auction.