November 2005


Height: 125 cm
Diameter of Base: 25 cm


Trumpet, watering spigot, stencil letters 
various other brass parts



Boplicy is a "lamp-clock" that harkens back to an earlier design from 2003, Le Petite Gallerie.  Although these two creations appear to be quite different upon first inspection, the concept of  "asymetric balance" is evident in the composition in both.

The asymetric aspect can be noticed when one observes the lamp along the Y axis, where the left side and right side are fairly dissimilar.

But the sense of balance is strongly represented here, where the top of the trumpet on the left turning downward, and the beginning of the horn which holds the light turning upwards. This keeps the lamp-clock from visually "tipping over".

On the left side of the trumpet (where the valves were), there is the word BOP spelled out, with a light behind, which also was the inspiration for the naming of this lamp-clock. Boplicity was a tune composed by Miles Davis  in 1949.

The clock is at the top, just below the paper shade. The paper shade is made from high cotton fiber music paper from the mid 19th century.

Like most of the lamps on this site, Eclipsico is a "one off",  made from materials that are not easily found, and a design that is not easily duplicated.