Plexi Color Wheel


Assemblage light art sculpture made from a spaghetti strainer, a meat grinder, a chimney sweep brush, a water bottle, and watch parts. When the meat grinder is turned, LEDs behind the plexiglas are lit up, cause by the making of an electrical connection.

Objects included within this sculpture... a spaghetti strainer, a meat grinder, plexiglas rectangles, a chimney cleaner (individual wires hold the plexiglas rectangles in place), water canister, and pocket watch mechanisms. There are 29 wires just above the water bottle at the front. When the handle to the meat grinder is turned, a magnet on the water canister pulls the wire to the canister, thereby making a 12 volt connection, and illuminating one of the LED strips, situated behind an LED rectangle. 


Height: 77 centimeters
Width: 52 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- Strainer

- Water container

- Meat grinder

- Plexiglas 

- Watch mechanisms

- Chimney Sweep Brush