Reflections in Aqua


January 2006


Height: 75 cm
Diameter of Base: 25 cm


Fireplace pot, pocket watch, brass wine barrel spigot, brake drum from a car


One of the biggest challenges in taking photographs of lamps (such as the one above) is that the light source that is projected onto the lamp in order to photograph it often masks the light source of the lamp iteself, making it difficult to successfully capture the way it functions as a lamp. This is particularly true when the light(s) are not situated in an obvious location (e.g. a glass tulip or glass ball). This is certainly the case with the "lamp - clock" Reflections in Aqua where a halogen lamp shines directly into an old French fireplace pot, highlighting deep aqua's and hints of red (although it looks more brown from the photo). The clock in front masks the lamp so there is no discernable indication that this is a lamp (except for the light itself when it is illuminated). A pocket watch casing hangs on the right side towards the middle, to provide overall aesthetic balance. It can also hold a photo as part of the composition. This lamp is a good example of my current intention or focus related to the creative build a sculpture that is independently interesting, absorbing, often whimsical (i.e. even if it weren't a lamp). At the same time, to "play with" light in inviting ways (using shadows, reflection, filtering, etc.), that go beyond the more common objective of filling (sometimes bombarding) a room with light, and using the sculture as the "target" of illumination. .