Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman


Oct 2006


Height: 102 cm
Diameter of Base: 20 cm


Valve trombone, binoculars, hinge from door, copper ball, "hardened" glove, faucets, musical paper, brass plate with numbers. 


"Portrait of a Woman" juxtaposes metal objects, representing features of the female form and combines these with a paper profile of the face, which finishes the portrait. The paper profile, which is illuminated from behind, is held in place by a brass frame (similar to a picture frame), so that additional profiles could be "exchanged" in to replace the one that is visible in the photo.


This might be interpreted as a metaphor for man's constant search for feminine beauty, and a recognition that this search is often never satisfied. Other symbolism for this piece might include metal representing strength, paper representing flexibility, and the illuminated face representing intelligence. 


Worth noting... a symmetry of this piece including: A) the paper shoulder of the woman at the left, and the "metal shoulder" represented by the faucet on the right B) the square frame which holds the paper portrait on the left, and the square form which connects the two faucets on the right C) The bottom "loop" of the door hinge on the left and the end of the bottom faucet on the right.