Silent Siren at 16 RPM


Assemblage light sculpture made from a 1950's portable record player, an infinity mirror, radio tubes, feathers, plastic animal toys, and a sensuous woman sitting on top of the platter who revolves in space as the platter turns.

Besides the reuse of found objects, this sculpture "reuses" the mechanical function of an old turntable, allowing the statue to rotate on it's platter. The lights are turned on/off when a 12 volt electrical connection is made between the platter as it moves around and wire brushes connected to the turntable arm. An "infinity mirror" has been installed in it's cover, giving the sense that the statue is floating in space. LED's in the front project color onto the statue. White LED's are used in two contexts, between the mirrors, causing the infinity effect, and bands around the radio tubes, giving the appearance that the tubes are lit from the inside. 


Height:  52 centimeters
Width:   32centimeters

Depth:  45 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- Portable record player

- Plaster statue

- Feathers

- Vacuum tubes from radio

- Plastic toy animals

- Infinity mirror