Transformation of Venus


The notion of  "transformation" in this sculpture has a dual meaning, both in 1) how the sculpture physically changes shape, and 2) the morphing of the face in the photos at top from Mona Lisa to Marilyn Monroe (see examples of both below).


Transformation of Venus represents the changing nature of a man's relationship to a woman within a sexual context. It include the stages: beauty, conceit (concept), flirtation, desire, seduction, and surrender; And each stage is represented by a specific state of the sculpture's form as it changes shape.


Also, the face morphing in the photos acts as a metaphor for what the audience will be experiencing during its viewing, both the sculptural shape change and the meaning behind this shape change.


Originally intended to be the focal point of a performance piece (with each stage accompanied by prose or poetry representing that stage), Transformation of Venus to date has not yet been performed. 


Height:  90 centimeters
Width:   73 centimeters

Depth:  27 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- Water color cases

- 2 Ladles

- Small ladies coin purse

- Ladies handkerchief

- Miniature perfume bottle

- Ladies fan

- Watch faces