This "Magic Jukebox" harkens back to a time in the 1940's and 1950's when jukeboxes were "all the rage"...machines appreciated for their aesthetic beauty, their mechanical capabilities (watching them move 45 RPM records from a stack and playing them on a platter was fascinating), and their ability to play popular music in public places.


Magic Jukebox has been updated to approach these features from a 21st century perspective, combining the richness of an old aesthetic with the advantages of modern technology.


From an aesthetic perspective, a Victrola speaker has been attached to the top of an old radio box from the 1950's, and LED's and lenticular plastic are used to light up the box at the bottom. 


The mechanical aspects have been replaced with a voice recognition system and bluetooth. This allows one to verbally request a song or an artist from an Amazon Echo which is forever on and always listening (attached at the back.)  This request is responded to, correctly in most cases, and music is streamed to a bluetooth speaker that sits inside the Victrola horn. 


Acoustic properties of the horn give the music's timbre a different quality, which also harkens back to an earlier time, when life was not so complex and reproduced music was not so ubiquitous. 


Height: 77 centimeters
Width: 52 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- Old radio box (circa 1950)

- Light bulbs with LEDs

- Phonograph speaker

- Amazon Echo Dot