Kogan is an American born artist who lived in France for 18 years and whose aesthetic sense was greatly influenced by French culture. For over 30 years he has created illuminated forms from found, recycled, and industrial objects. 


He got his start by building light sculptures from non-functioning musical instruments. As his art evolved, he started to incorporate other kinds of objects into his sculptural forms, experimenting with light, and expanding it beyond it’s traditional roll… for traversing through space, for reading, and for taking visual cues while communicating. In the process, and by design, his art became less and less functional. 


Kogan’s primary career was in the high tech industry, having worked for Hewlett-Packard for over 20 years, most recently as a European Program Manager, stationed in France. When the opportunity presented itself in 2007 to take early retirement, Kogan jumped at the chance, committing himself to his art practice full time. 


Today, Kogan’s most recent work would most appropriately be characterized as “assemblage light sculptures”, focusing on the arrangement and transformation of form, integrated with the exploitation of light.


While in France, Kogan took part in solo and group exhibitions at the Vivienne Art Gallery in Paris, Gallery Marie Killy and Alter Art Galleries in Grenoble, and the Agora Collective in Berlin. And in 2014 he co-produced an art and musical event with jazz musician Malcolm Potter at Theatre St. Marie En Bas in Grenoble, highlighting his assemblage light sculptures. 


Since returning to Richmond, he had a private art showing in early 2017 at “In Your Ear Studios” in downtown Richmond and has several of his pieces in private collections in the Richmond area. His studio and gallery are located in the art-rich Fan District of Richmond, Virginia where he can regularly interact with artists in the community.