Silver Sequence


This is an early sculpture within my practice, created in 2006, updated with LEDs in 2018. The big round object at top is an industrial sink for salon hair washing, attached to a silver clarinet just below it. It was created during a period when I was making sculptures  that could be "transformed" (structurally modified) to show a different view (See photos below of "inside view"). Although this sculpture is not a lamp per se, it does reference a lamp like form consisting of base, extension, and head. 


2006 (updated in 2018)


Height: 114 centimeters

Width: 34 centimeters
Diameter of Base: 24 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- Salon sink for washing hair

- Silver clarinet

- Cast iron base

- Silver mesh (inside view)

- Silver buttons (inside view)

- Other silver parts and pieces