Dining with Symphony Sid


December, 2008


Height: 23 inches
Diameter at Base: 8 inches


Cheese grater, kitchen faucet,
tray (at top), forks, garters,
trumpet/horn mouthpieces


This piece, complete in December 2008, consists of metal objects with a silver finish. This includes a faucet, two horn mouthpieces, a tray, 3 forks, 5 garters, and a cheese grater. Notice that the forks, the cheeese grater, the faucet, and tray might have existed in a common context in the kitchen in a "previous life". Notice also that the tray is removable , so this piece can be used simply as a candellabra (first photo), or a candellabra and tray (second photo). In my art, juxtaposition and context of individual objects counts for a lot, and bringing all of these silvery objects together in one composition was an exploration of how they can share both a harmony and a unity within the context of both color and form.