Sunset 2023


May 2006


Height: 100 cm
Diameter of Base: 27 cm


Copper tray from a balance scale, brass watering hose, brake drum, copper tubing 


One of the biggest challenges in taking photographs of lamps (such as the one above) is that the light source that is projected onto the lamp in order to photograph it often masks the light source of the lamp iteself, making it difficult to successfully capture the way it functions as a lamp. This is particularly true when the light(s) are not situated in an obvious location (e.g. a glass tulip or glass ball). This is certainly the case with the lamp Sunset 2023, pictured above. The goal here was to highlight the beauty of the old copper tray (serves as a backdrop) without drilling into it or othewise altering it. This was achieved by the cubist structure in front which serves as a point of focus and hides the lightbulb which is located between it and the copper tray. In this case, light is strained (through the round holes on the frame of the structure, at the right) and reflected (by the copper tray). This lamp is a good example of my current intention or focus related to the creative build a sculpture that is independently interesting, absorbing, often whimsical (i.e. even if it weren't a lamp). At the same time, to "play with" light in inviting ways (using shadows, reflection, filtering, etc.), that go beyond the more common objective of filling (sometimes bombarding) a room with light, and using the sculture as the "target" of illumination.