July 2005


Height: 77 cm
Diameter of Base: 20 cm


Spigot from wine barrel, toilet pull, trumpet valve pistons, brass plate, brass  
half globe, handwritten paper from the 18th century.


Eclipsico is a "transformation" in two aspects. In the traditional aspect where recycled materials are assembled and transformed into a functional creation (a lamp in this case). In a second aspect, this lamp's shape can be transformed  so that the lamp shade behind the brass plate can  remain hidden (current view) or revealed (see previous page), depending upon whether the brass plate is adjusted up or down.

There are two lights incorporated into Eclipsico. One light is between the brass half globe (in front) and the brass plate. The second light is behind the paper shade (revealed only when the brass plate is turned up). The light in back can be turned on/off independently of the light in front by the toilet pull on the right side.

Like most of the lamps on this site, Eclipsico is a "one off",  made from materials that are not easily found, and a design that is not easily duplicated.