Weisse Strasse 22


This piece was completed in October 2008. The overall theme is fashion, or mode. An art deco slide from the 1930's is attached at the center top. I was told that this slide was originally used to advertise women's clothes before films at movie theaters in Berlin. 


A cigarette case, woman's powder case, and cigarette lighter are part of the overall composition. The cigarette case and powder case can be opened and closed, which has the effect of slightly changing the form at the top, and hiding the slide. 

The "stem" in the center was a former glove mold. It is interesting to note that Grenoble France was once a leading glove making center in Europe. 

Materials and Parts

- Metal form for making gloves
- cigarette case

- powder case
- cigarette lighter

- polyphon disc
- tops of salt shakers (for feet),
- mat tool cutter
- 1930's advertising slide 
-concave copper dish (part of space heater)


Height: 32 inches
Diameter at Base: 11 inches