Kinetic sculpture,  radio box,  perfume bottles,  hand colored erotic photos

This sculpture, adapted from a French radio box (circa 1950s), plays one song, "I've Got the World on a String", sung by Peggy Lee. This is also the same song that is played in the video (above). The attached "man on a string" within the sculpture gives new meaning to the song's lyrics. 


Other items attached to the radio box include porcelain busts (nurses?), early 20th century semi-erotic hand colored photos, two German art deco slides, miniature perfume bottles, and automobile tail lights.   


Height: 77 centimeters
Width: 52 centimeters

Depth: 45 centimeters

Materials and Parts

- 1950's Radio

- Tail lights from car

- Maniquin hand

- 1930's fashion slides

- Porcelain figurines

- Hand colored semi erotic photos

- Glass miniature perfume bottles