Exact Avec Liquide Special

Assemblage light art sculpture consisting of a scientific instrument made of plexiglas, paper and wood with holes illuminated with LEDs from behind, refracted light created by lined plexiglas, and circles of old French checks which cover the holes.

This simple light sculpture is made from 3 parts, a plexiglas base, a plexiglas stand, and a wooden and plexiglas head. 


As far as I can determine, the stand is made from a scientific device that either measures liquid, or uses liquid as part of its system to measure something else. LEDs have been attached to the right side, used to illuminate all of it's detail. 


The head has both colored plexiglas and colored LEDs on the inside. It lights from both the front and the top. The front consists of a wooden rectangle with holes cut out, and paper from old French bank checks in front of the holes. This gives it a collage like feel. 


As an aside, the three forms, base, stand, head are made from "right-angled parallelepideds", a 3 dimensional form made from rectangles where the sides are of the form are not of equal length, as compared to a cube where the sides are of equal length.